About Us

We only provide the highest quality within every aspect.

Together with our head office in London-UK and our experienced team in Istabul-Turkey, it allows us to offer you our expertise in manufacturing, design and merchandising in the apparel industry.

Our London team is your contact point between you and the manufacturing with our design team situated in Istabul where all steps are closely monitored from production to packaging.

We provide more than 3 million pieces of clothing to our customers each year.

Our quality control department consists of 10 highly skilled individuals who check all orders on site before, during and after the productions.

Each order is made with love, inspiration and dedication.

Having extensive experience in not only the textile industry but also quality control, logistics and export procedures allows us to assist you in a professional mannor throughout your whole order process.

We are fortunate to have become a respectable business, due to this we have gained numerous trustable partners in this complex and ever changing market.

Our mission is to continue with the highest quality standards that you are looking for at competitive prices thoughout our whole product range, all products will come with a recognised label meaning each item is made with love, inspiration and dedication.

A story spanning over two generations

Back in 1969, Dominic Sevinti, transformed his love for style and sophistication into an embroidery business, by the time they computerised the embroidery atelier which worked with domestic/international high-end fashion boutiques and wholesalers of textile products.

Yann partly joined the family business in 2005, at the age of 20 – after a training experience abroad in a manufacturing company for high-quality fabrics for men’s clothing. His career began part-time working at the family business whilst he was studying for a Business Degree. After graduation he began to manage the family business. He made very essential contributions to business especially in the marketing & design sector.

He began to help their clients who were looking for someone who can professionally check their overseas production and report back them. So, he found himself in an intermediary position between local and international ready to wear producers.

Then he moved to London to operate the business much more efficiently between the home, UK, and rest of the world in 2015.

Together with his London/UK office and his experienced team in Istanbul/Turkey, they offer you expertise services in manufacturing, designing and in the apparel industry.

Yann Sevinti says:

" During my professional training period, the experience I gained alongside my father when I started working in the company was very important. Being close to all the aspects of the production process and in close contact with the employees, gave me a solid foundation. My father also imparted very important principles to me, such as fairness, morality, respect for others and for work, but above all, a love and passion for ties. "

" Dedicating myself to customer relations, marketing and being involved in sourcing process is something I truly love. "